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Microsoft Office Business Applications

(English and Spanish)

This course is intended to offer individuals the opportunity to learn the core business application software of Microsoft Office Suite that includes: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.
In this training you will learn the features and functions of each respective application package. You will have the opportunity to generate various business documents allowing you to become familiar with each of the respective software programs. Each of the software programs are described as follows:

Microsoft Word


This is a word processing business software application program that is used for general keyboarding and general business document purposes. This software is widely used in the business world to generate various forms, letters, reports and/or publications. In some instances, many businesses use this software to generate basic marketing flyers.

Microsoft Excel


This software is used to create financial reports and/or statements. Most businesses rely on this business application program to calculate various mathematical formulas. This program offers many short-cut keys and functions that are beneficial with generating financial statements. In addition, these financial documents can be easily exported to other supporting Microsoft Office Programs.

Microsoft PowerPoint


This is a presentation business software application program. This program is commonly used in business to create specific meeting, financial, and/or informational presentations. Individuals that are interested in providing a professional presentation to emphasize information to a target audience should register for this course.

Microsoft Access


This is a database business software application program. The importance of this software is that businesses can hold large amounts of information that can later be exported to generate specific reports. This database suite can also be used for inventory purposes.


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