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Partners In Progress specializes in producing quality professional development training for organizations seeking to offer their personnel customized training seminars that shapes success, empowers others and builds strong working relationships. Our training is designed to focus on the intricate daily business matters that truly impact the organization as a whole. Our curriculum include real workforce scenarios and/or case studies. We focus on the everyday soft skills enhancements that lead employees to team build and create best practices. We elaborate how diversity and intergenerational differences impact professionalism in the workplace. We emphasize how all of these attributes and behaviors play a vital role in the corporate environment and identify our potential management styles accordingly. In particular, our training showcases how employees are the reputation of the organization and how easily through their customer service interaction, either external or internal, can determine the future growth and/or success for the organization. 
Time equals money. With so many demands on today’s organizations, time and resources are of the upmost importance to effectively support their clients, productivity and growth. All workforce sectors in general are faced with these demands, as effective customer service is global. Our training will offer your employees the tools to develop or gain new competencies that will increase time management strategies to meet deadlines or higher productivity demands, interpersonal skills to interact well with others effectively, management skills to generate new business and most importantly, leadership skills to represent your organization well throughout the San Antonio and surrounding workforce area(s). All this is designed to assist you with your organization’s target of immediate labor force and company revenue goals. 
Although our training includes many of the universal business elements, we always welcome your input and/or recommendations to truly meet your training needs.


corporate training

We help you reach your business goals through strategic training courses tailored to your business needs.

We are capable of offering the following courses:

(But not limited to)



  • Introduction to Business Accounting
  • Understanding Fiscal Statements
  • Fundamentals of Business Math
  • Microsoft Office
  • Workplace Solutions/Problem Solving
  • Behaving Professionally in Your Job
  • Working with Multiple Generations in the Workplace
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