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about us

the story behind

Partners In Progress was established to serve the community by offering educational and workforce developmental training programs that lead to employment and/or higher education career pathways. Partners is derived by a group of retired higher education educators who truly understand how students coming out of secondary education systems and are not always fully prepared for post-secondary schooling. Our mission is to assist all in need of basic education, job readiness, and those individuals that are not college ready and/or need workforce skills that lead to immediate employment opportunities. Knowing the higher education requirement structure serves us in assisting our customers. We focus on creating training pathways that play a vital role in today’s workforce that are necessary to maintain or advance in employment, while increasing one’s aptitude levels to meet the higher education entrance exams above remedial concentrations. This dual process is seamless to the student; but a great benefit.

In addition to offering workforce readiness, we offer corporate support to entities wanting to upgrade the quality of customer service and technical expertise of their employees and/or ambassadors. Our industry preparatory programs not only assist organizations to meet supply and demand, but to also elaborate the essential business standards of operation that lead to success. As our educational paradigm continues to change, it is important to us that we offer quality instruction, create pathways that lead to success, and assist individuals to become self-sufficient residents that can work and survive independently. Although, we are a new small business, we are not new to the industry of education and workforce development.

Partners In Progress works very diligently to create educational selection of programs that expand above and beyond the core of general educational development. We are very aware of the Texas Workforce Commission employment standards and trends of demand occupation availability, which supports our mission. Therefore, Partners In Progress does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability with respect to access, employment programs, or services. Our true mission and objective is to help people become successful by offering education improvement opportunities where they can gain employment and/or advance within their respective jobs.


our vision

Our objective is to assist individuals by providing formal specialized training that leads to employment, self-sufficiency, and/or upward mobility.

core values



  • Offering quality instruction
  • Creating pathways to higher education
  • Offering attentive and effective customer service
  • Developing cutting edge job entry training programs
  • Dependability
  • Innovation
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