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Computer Literacy

This course is ideal for individuals who need to learn how to operate a computer in order to fulfill/complete specific job duties and/or responsibilities. In some instances, this course will benefit individuals that need computer literacy in order to become employable. Unfortunately, computer literacy is not a common on-the-job training that is made readily available by most employers. Being that technology is all around us, it is not only important to know the functions and features, but almost necessary. The curriculum of this course will be presented in a very easy format where you will not only learn, but gain the technical skills necessary to work independently using a computer. You will have the opportunity to learn:

  • How to start a computer with ease and confidence
  • The Icon System of Windows
  • How to set-up a Printer and/or other electronic connections (i.e. USB, CD/DVD, Speakers, etc.)
  • How to Copy and Paste
  • Search for Websites
  • How to Click, Drag and Drop
  • Upload, Import and/or Export files, pictures, documents, etc.
  • Basic functions and features that include: bullets, columns, ribbons, and print preview
  • The Computer hardware components (i.e. monitor(s), mouse, networking system, keyboard, etc.)
  • Introduction to Word Processing
  • Browse Web Pages
  • Set-up On-line Storage Accounts

Developing your employment skills that lead to employment potential.

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